Cosmic Rage RPG, Social, Themed

Basic Information
Telnet: 7777

The year is 2490, humans have dominated the expedition into space and are now travelling far and wide in their quest for peace and conquest.
With the 3 other main races at there side, what could possibly go wrong.
There is a blight in the galaxy however, a hidden threat that is rarely spoken of.
Humans have friends, but they also have enemies.
The Vacus are always on the move and the Droids never sleep.
Something bigger is in the background though, an unknown race, lloytering, waiting for you...

Welcome to Cosmic Rage, Nathan Tech's first attempt at a space based MOO.
Cosmic Rage is completely new. It contains ideas unheard of for MOO's of its type. We include incredible realism within our moo, and are updating all of the time.
We have many different celestial bodies including, but not limited to: moons, planets, space stations, stars, factories, meteors, asteroids, planetoids, stargates, wormholes and beacon stations.
We have over 20 different types of activity, with over 15 different skills.
We boast some of the most original and most player created crafting systems on MOOs of our type.
Fifty very cheap donator items for you to choose from and Great in game hosts.
We also run regular RolePlay events and have a RP point system where if you generate RP or do something beneficial to the MOO, such as finding a bug, you get rewarded RP points which you can then put towards a donator item.
Several different types of laser weapon are included in the MOO, including shotguns, swords, daggers, snipers scythes, knives, plasma snipers and spears.
We have 4 playable allied races, 2 minor enemy races and 4 major enemy races.
We have 30 sectors each with a beacon station in and over 13 public planets or space stations.
We have a constantly active front line battles and over 15 different types of combat mission including two planetary missions. We also have a PVP arena and PVP sector.
For the less combat orientated we have a player run resource market, player run shops, over 25 different types of resource, not to mention all of the really cool items you can buy by default.
Constant customization: we have the option for most of our items that if you do not like our description, you can set one of your own upon purchase of the item.
Relaxation: we have currently got several time wasting activities, called time wasters, where you can just relax and have some fun.
We have 4 in character and 4 out of character channels.
We have two crafting systems, lower and higher, a blueprint system for the higher level crafting, buildable space factories, clothing making, gem research, hut building, starships and much, much much more!
We run regular roleplay events that are great fun for all and take tips from players as we go to make it suit them. Each of our races has its own unique skills and advantages.
We are open for player testing though we feel we can support anyone. WE flex to suit you so if you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact one of our very helpful hosts.

Since our release in July, we've made so, so many steps towards becoming the best space moo on the market and we're still striding towards that goal, guns held high.
You'll never miss a dull moment on cosmic Rage, so come and check us out, now!

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