DoveMOO Social

Basic Information
Telnet: 7700

DoveMOO was created as a place of friendship and is intended as a family atmopshere...sharing with each other in peace and love with avoidance of conflict. The main thing that is asked of you as a that you respect ideas, beliefs, and personhood of others....that you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what life is like for them. The hub of Dove is the PeaceGarden. From there you can visit the library and read a book or add one to the collection; the hotel where you can rest, have a banquet, and dance in the ballroom; the game room where a collection of entertainment is housed; the museum where MOO objects are kept; Bible Lands where people who are of a religious nature can go to enjoy history from The Garden of Eden all the way to Heaven; and our MAIN hangout room, the lounge....where people can go to talk, rest, have a beverage, or whatever they wish. You may add to ANY of these areas..the basic shell is there ready for you. Builders are needed and VERY welcome here. There is also a large town called Pleasantdale, a 1990's style place with shops, churches, gymnasium, residential streets, a road leading to Silver Lake with camping and recreation such as picnicking, swimming, and boating. In addition there are a number of mailing lists; a chanel system including a Public Channel and a Bible Talk Channel for religious discussion; and a Clothing PC so you may role play if you wish. The intent of this moo is to be a happy, friendly, and safe place for all!

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