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Basic Information
Telnet: 7777

One of the original MOOs, PMC started life as a project of the academic journal PostModern Culture - a "virtual space designed to promote the exploration of postmodern theory and practice", to quote from an early description - but was soon taken over by the MOO Terrorists and an influx of people who were intent on living postmodern culture, not just debating it. For a couple or so years in the mid 1990s PMC-MOO was a vibrant, exciting, magical, dangerous place to be. Then the academics decided to take back "their" MOO and return it to its original purpose. Following an outflux of the disillusioned and disposessed, PMC-MOO settled into its second, rather more sedate incarnation as the academic talking shop it was originally intended to be. It continued in this form for many years, a mere shadow of its former self, before finally falling off the radar of academia. Today it exists more as a site of nostalgia than anything; a faint echo of a once bustling, loud and lively virtual space.

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